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Hollywood stars are known for falling in love quickly, and sometimes those relationships result in marriages that are over so fast, you might miss them! Pamela Anderson has been there a few times… In January 2022, Rolling Stone broke the news that the "Baywatch" alum had just split from her latest husband, Dan Hayhurst, whom she married just a year earlier in December 2020. Let's take a look at Pam's other brief unions…

Then keep reading for more of Hollywood's shortest marriages…

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Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters: married for 12 days

In January 2020, Pamela Anderson exchanged vows for the fifth time, making "A Star is Born" and "Batman" producer Jon Peters — whom she'd briefly dated 30 years earlier — her fourth husband. The two shared their happy news in a gushing announcement published by The Hollywood Reporter, but just 12 days later, she confirmed it was over. "I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon's and my union," Pam said in a statement. "We would be very grateful for your support as we take some time apart to re-evaluate what we want from life and from one another." It was then revealed that they never mailed the paperwork to the county clerk's office to make the marriage legally binding. "Life is a journey and love is a process. With that universal truth in mind, we have mutually decided to put off the formalization of our marriage certificate and put our faith in the process," the "Baywatch" star explained at the time. Later in the year, Pam claimed they never married.

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Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon: married for two months

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon got hitched in Las Vegas in October 2007 during the three-hour break between the two magic shows in which she was starring as a magician's assistant. Just 69 days later, it was over. In January 2014, Pamela confirmed that she and Rick had remarried — but just a few months later in July 2014, she filed to divorce Rick for the second time.

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Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson: married for 122 days

Pamela Anderson couldn't make it work with Kid Rock either: 122 days after their nuptials on a yacht in St. Tropez on July 29, 2006, they both filed for divorce.

Meghan King and Cuffe Biden Owens: married for two months

Former "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Meghan King married attorney Cuffe Biden Owens — President Joe Biden's nephew — on Oct. 11, 2021, after a courtship of just three weeks. Many said it wouldn't last, and it didn't: On Dec. 24,Page Sixreported that the whirlwind romance and marriage had come to an end just two months afterthey tied the knot. Meghan confirmed the news herself on Dec. 27. "This situation is profoundly devastating. This is obviously not what I imagined when I made my vows — and I'm shocked and saddened by the way things turned out," she wrote on her Instagram Story, adding, "I am moving forward with my children [from my first marriage] as we privately process our pain and begin to let go of shattered dreams."

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito: married for four months

Keeping their romance low-key didn't save Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito's marriage. The union was over just four months after they got hitched on Dec. 21, 2006.

Kim Kardashian West and Kris Humphries: married for 72 days

Only 72 days after their filmed-for-television wedding on Aug. 20, 2011, Kim Kardashian West filed to end things with NBA player Kris Humphries. "I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision," Kim said in a statement. "I had hoped this marriage was forever but sometimes things don't work out as planned." Their divorce was ultimately finalized in April 2013.

Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike: married for four days

Actor Nicolas Cage married makeup artist Erika Koike in Las Vegas on March 23, 2019. Four days after Nic made Erika wife No. 4, the Oscar winner filed for an annulment. But 69 days later, a judge granted the exes a divorce instead. It wasn't Nic's only brief marital union…

Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley: married for three months

After a 10-day engagement, Elvis fanatic Nicolas Cage married The King's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, in Hawaii on Aug. 10, 2002. Three months later, they headed for the Heartbreak Hotel. Divorce proceedings lasted longer than the marriage.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley: married for 20 months

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley tied the knot on May 26, 1994, after a whirlwind romance of less than two months following the dissolution of her marriage to Danny Keough. "It was one of the highest points in my life when things were going really well, and he and I were united," Lisa later told Oprah Winfrey of the marriage, which ended in January 1996.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus: married for seven months

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were on-and-off for a decade. They struck up a romance after meeting on set of the romance flick "The Last Song" in 2009, parted ways in 2013 and reunited in late 2015. They then tied the knot at the end of 2018. But just seven months later, the actor and the pop star announced that they'd split… again. In early 2020, a judge signed off on their divorce.

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander: married for 55 hours

During a trip to Las Vegas on Jan. 3, 2004, Britney Spears married childhood friend Jason Alexander in the Little White Wedding Chapel at 5:30 a.m. But 55 hours later, she filed to have the marriage annulled.

Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett: married for 20 months

Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett tied the knot on June 27, 1993, just three weeks after they met on the set of "The Player." Their marriage wasn't much longer than their road to the altar: They separated in March 1995.

Vanessa Morgan and Michael Kopech: married for six months

On Jan. 4, 2020, following a six-month engagement, "Riverdale" actress Vanessa Morgan and MLB player Michael Kopech tied the knot. However, in July 2020 — just three days after Vanessa announced she was pregnant — news broke revealing the baseball star had filed for divorce in June after just six months as husband and wife.

Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly: married for eight months

In September 1996, funnyman Jim Carrey married "Dumb and Dumber" co-star Lauren Holly. However, their union didn't last long: Nine months later, Lauren filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips: married for eight days

Dennis Hopper married Michelle Phillips on Halloween in 1970. Barely a week later, their marriage was over. "Seven of those days were pretty good. The eighth day was the bad one," the actor told The New York Times of the week-long union.

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry: married for two weeks

After dating for six years, Mario Lopez and Ali Landry wed in a small ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on April 24, 2004. But Ali filed to annul the union just two weeks later when she found out that Mario had been unfaithful.

Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen: married for eight months

We forgot these two were ever even an item! Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen ended things in 2010 after eight months of marriage. According to the "The Handmaid's Tale" star, their union was far from perfect. "Looking back, I feel like I was really young, and at the time I didn't think that I was that young," she told the Los Angeles Times. "It was extremely traumatic and awful and horrible. At the same time, it turned out for the best." The "Mad Men" alum met the comedy star when she made a cameo on "Saturday Night Live" in 2008; they married the following year. "I'm glad that it didn't happen when I was 50. I'm glad I didn't have kids. And I got that out of the way. Hopefully. Like, that's probably not going to happen again," she added.

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney: married for four months

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney met at the Tsunami Relief Telethon in January 2005 and tied the knot in the Caribbean on May 9, 2005. Four months later, Renee sought to have her marriage to the country star annulled.

Nicky Hilton and Todd Meister: married for three months

Nicky Hilton and financier Todd Meister (seen here with her sister, Paris Hilton) tied the knot in Las Vegas on Aug. 15, 2004, but three months later, Nicky had the marriage annulled.

Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad "Nicky" Hilton: married for nine months

On Jan. 29, 1951, an 18-year-old Elizabeth Taylor wed Conrad Hilton. But their union was doomed by his penchant for gambling, drinking and allegedly abusive behavior, and the actress was granted a divorce just nine months later. She'd go on to have another seven weddings before her death in 2011.

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray: married for five months

After dating for two years, "One Tree Hill" co-stars Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray tied the knot in an oceanfront ceremony in Santa Monica, California, on April 16, 2005. They separated after five months, and Sophia filed for an annulment in February 2006, citing fraud, after Chad allegedly cheated on her with Paris Hilton. It was denied and they soon divorced. They continued to work together until Chad left their show in 2009.

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd: married for nine months

Jennifer Lopez met Cris Judd when he worked as one of her backup dancers. They married on Sept. 29, 2001, and it was over nine months later.

Cher and Gregg Allman: married for nine days (and then some)

Cher married Allman Brothers Band singer-songwriter Gregg Allman in June 1975 just three days after her divorce from longtime music partner Sonny Bono was finalized. However, nine days after tying the knot in Las Vegas, Cher filed to dissolve their union due to Gregg's alcohol and drug abuse issues. They reconciled, however, less than a month later — though Gregg then filed for divorce the following year … only to put it on hold after learning Cher was pregnant with their son, Elijah Blue. But it wasn't meant to be: Cher filed again in 1977 and their divorce was finalized in 1979.

Milla Jovovich and Shawn Andrews: married for two months

In 1992, model Milla Jovovich married actor Shawn Andrews, who played her on-screen boyfriend in the coming-of-age dramedy "Dazed and Confused." The marriage, however, was annulled amid pressure from Milla's mother just two short months later (at the time, Milla was 16 while Shawn was 21). According to Milla, she went through with the vows because she wanted a bank card! "Basically it was to prove a point to my [mother]," she told the Mail on Sunday. "I'd been working since I was 9, but I didn't have a bank card. I was a big girl as far as I was concerned and I wanted to establish myself as an adult, as I was working like one and being treated like one by everyone else. It wasn't about being in love, but when you're 16 you have to take three rights to make a left."

Sinead O'Connor and Barry Herridge: married for 16 days

Sinead O'Connor married Barry Herridge at a drive-through Las Vegas chapel on Dec. 8, 2011. She later admitted that she'd gone looking for drugs the same night — behavior that didn't go over well with her new husband, a drug counselor. They split 16 days later.

Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas: married for 19 days

Drew Barrymore married Los Angeles bar owner Jeremy Thomas in March 1994, though after 19 days, the 19-year-old actress called it quits. "I realized my mistake the day I married him," Drew later admitted.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green: married for five months

Five months after marrying Drew Barrymore, Canadian comedian Tom Green filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Drew's first marriage — to bar owner Jeremy Thomas in 1994 — ended after just 19 days, and her third marriage to Will Kopelman, with whom she has two daughters, ended in early 2016 after three years.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting: married for 21 months

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting got married on New Year's Eve in 2013 after just six months of dating. Barely a year later, reports that there was trouble in paradise began to emerge, and then just 21 months after they said "I do," the marriage was over.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand: married for 14 months

Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry, citing irreconcilable differences, 14 months after their 2010 wedding. The split came on the heels of speculation that the two were having problems: They'd spent Christmas in different places — she in Hawaii and he in London — that year. Katy later claimed he ended the marriage in a text.

Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria: married for 11 months

Despite having dated for six years before walking down the aisle on July 17, 1999, Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria couldn't keep it together, thanks largely to the fact that both had never been busier career-wise than during the time they tried to be husband and wife. They split after 11 months of marriage.

Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele: married for 145 days

In September 1995, Charlie Sheen married model Donna Peele — though just 145 days later, they called it quits. That same year, Charlie was embroiled in a scandal after it emerged that he was a client of notorious Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss's escort agency.

Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva: married for 21 months

In September 2015, Frances Bean Cobain wed musician Isaiah Silva, to whom she'd been engaged since 2011. She filed for divorce in March 2016. Their breakup grew increasingly contentious over the course of the following months as Isaiah fought for possession of a guitar that belonged to his ex's late father, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, which he claimed Frances had gifted him.

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds: "married" for two weeks

After dating for more than a year, Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds tied the knot in Bora Bora on New Year's Day in 2008. But as soon as the honeymoon kicked off, these two started fighting. They ended things two weeks later and it soon emerged that the wedding had not been legally binding.

Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner: "married" for four months

While she's currently married to "Fifty Shades of Grey" star Jamie Dornan, musician-composer Amelia Warner was previously linked to another famous actor — Colin Farrell! Colin and Amelia had a wedding ceremony on a beach in Tahiti in 2001 and split four months later. It "Too fast, too young," Colin has said of their brief union.Amelia later told Britain's The Sun, "We didn't actually get married … I think we've been too polite to deny it. We had a ceremony on a beach in Tahiti that was by no means legal and we knew it wasn't. It was just a thing we did on holiday. We went shark feeding and then we did that. We booked them both on the activities desk at the hotel." She added that the breakup was tough. "It was a very intense and passionate relationship. It was heartbreaking when it ended."

Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco: married for 10 months

On Jan. 13, 2014, Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Jeremy Renner married model Sonni Pacheco, with whom he shares daughter Ava Berlin. Sonni filed for divorce less than a year later on Dec. 30, 2014, citing a separation date a month earlier. Their tumultuous split only got worse as they fought over custody, money and child support for years.

Grace Gummer and Tay Strathairn: married for 42 days

"Mr. Robot" and "American Horror Story" actress Grace Gummer filed to divorce musician Tay Strathairn on March 23, 2020, citing irreconcilable differences. Court papers revealed the former couple — whose parents, Meryl Streep and David Strathairn, coincidentally co-starred as husband and wife in 1994's "The River Wild" — were only married for 42 days. In divorce docs, Grace listed their marriage date as July 10, 2019, and their separation date as Aug. 21.

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman: married for nine days

What began as a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas ended with Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman getting married in the Little Chapel of Flowers on Nov. 14, 1998. Fast forward nine days and Dennis wanted an annulment. He claiming he only got married because he'd had a few too many cocktails. They briefly reconciled but then went their separate ways for good just five months later.

Janet Jackson and James DeBarge: married for four months

An 18-year-old Janet Jackson shocked both her fans and her family when she eloped with musician James DeBarge on Sept. 7, 1984. Just a few months later, they had the marriage annulled.

Chris Kattan and Sunshine Tutt: married for two months

"Saturday Night Live" star Chris Kattan married his model girlfriend of three years, Sunshine Tutt, in Yosemite Valley, California, on June 28, 2008. After they divorced less than two months later, citing irreconcilable differences, Sunshine received a six-figure settlement.

Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton: married for five months

The bride and groom were only 22 and 19 years old respectively when they wed in Shannen Doherty's backyard in a BYOB bash on Sept. 24, 1993. Shannen headed down the aisle barefoot, wearing a silk robe and walking without her father — no parents were invited to the ceremony. By the following March, Ashley Hamilton had moved out of their Los Angeles home, and on April 8 Shannen filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Liza Minnelli and David Gest: married for 16 months

Liza Minnelli and fourth husband David Gest tied the knot on March 16, 2002, and separated in July 2003. Following the breakup, the comedian sued the actress alleging that she physically and verbally assaulted him during their brief union.

Robin Givens and Svetozar Marinkovic: married for one day

Robin Givens married her tennis instructor, Svetozar Marinkovic, on Aug. 22, 1997. But within a day of saying "I do" — seven minutes to be exact, as Svetozar told reporters — they called it quits. Needless to say, there are no photos of this short-lived couple.

Darva Conger and Rick Rockwell: married for two months

Let's call this a no-win situation. Darva Conger and Rick Rockwell met and married during the live broadcast of the FOX special "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?" in 2000. Unsurprisingly, the marriage turned out to be a less-than-ideal fit, especially because he turned out to have a shady past and a less-than-bulging bank account, while Darva criticized the stunt for having a lack of morals. She later appeared san clothes in Playboy.

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe de Alba: married for one day

The late Zsa Zsa Gabor was only married to actor Felipe de Alba for one day — April 13, 1982 — before she sought an annulment. She was married nine times in total during her lifetime.

Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine: married for one month

Ernest Borgnine and Ethel Merman's honeymoon, which followed their wedding on June 27, 1964, marked the beginning of the end of their short marriage. By the time they returned from Hawaii and the Far East, they were ready to call it quits. In her autobiography, Ethel left a blank page in place of the chapter dedicated to their marriage, while Ernest has called their nuptials the "biggest mistake" of his life.

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada: married for 41 days

NFL star Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) and Evelyn Lozada (of "Basketball Wives" fame) tied the knot on St. Martin in July 2012. Their union exploded on Aug. 11 when Evelyn found a receipt for condoms in their car. A fight ensued, and Chad was arrested on domestic violence charges after police saw a bloody gash on his wife's head — the result of him allegedly head-butting her. A few days later, he lost his job with the Miami Dolphins and she filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized on Sept. 18, 2012.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: married for 16 months

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's legal union was brief. The couple tied the knot in February 2015, but the "Aquaman" actress filed for divorce on May 23, 2016, after just 16 months of marriage. They went on to accuse each other of abuse, which both denied, and settled their divorce in August 2016, with Johnny paying Amber a reported $7 million settlement that she donated to two charities… but their bitter relationship continued to play out in courtrooms in America and Britain for years to come.

Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent: married for 13 months

Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent quietly tied the knot in January 2010. In February 2011, the commercial production employee filed for divorce. Nine months later, she filed for a restraining order against the actor and alleged that he'd started abusing her just seven days into their marriage — claims that Terrence vehemently denied. It took two years of battling it out in court before their divorce was finalized in May 2013.

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